Sunday, June 7, 2009

Life in KK!!!!!~

yeahhhh...m spending my time in Uping's house at the moment..Free internet(he's paying though) to update my blog..ahahhaa~

1.Amy's gone..For her practical in Kinabatangan at the moment.

2.Hannah's back from her graduation in KL!!!Congratzzzz basiiiI!!!!

3. Belle's back as well..From her holiday in KL with FnF~

4.Yohan now have work to do..been offered a job in IT~yeahhh,cant wait for his 1st pay-check,belanjaaaaaa!!!!hahahaah~

5. Yuq's been a frequent company this time around..not too busy anymore(unlike last tyme)ahahaha~

6.Suf's back as well!!doing his practical here..

7.Met Syazwi recently(just yesterday to be exact),he's gotten bigger yet again..hahaha~

8.punyaa best kamiii berenjoy2 d kk...amy,jan jeles,kami makan2 d ruma syed ja ni slalu....hhahahaah~

9.My practical's going smoothly as well..not too bad n i've learned many new thingsss!!!!! =P

10.havent meet up with the rest of the guys..Ridhwan,KO,Safwan,Sabry dan lain2!!!!!!will meet up with them soon..

11.actually,byk ba ni mau ckp...huhuhuuU~but i dun have enough time...fufufufuffuuuuu~~~~~

enough for now..later i'll post more picz here for you to view(amy,ko ja yg tau aku post2 ni aku rasa)....