Monday, January 11, 2010

I wanna gain weight!!!


I always have this same problem each and every year.. People mentioning my physique being so skinny, or better way of express it, i'm too thin for my height.. Of course I realize that fact!!! I've been trying to gain more weight each and every day!!! All i've been doing this whole time is...........








................................again and again and again and AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

warrrgggghhhh...but d fact is that my body just couldn't react to all of those stuff I put into my mouth!!so, 2010 will be the year I try other methods to increase my weight and my bady fat content!!!

people, please do pray for my success okay?? I surely don't wanna end up being like diz!!!!

Looking at it is enough to make me laugh..i just cant imagine what will happen when people start to look at me the same way i look at this fella here..


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lagi2 sakit!!!

Haloo all..

Actually kn, aku mau update lagi further ba psl New Year ari 2.. tapi WTH kan?? punya la history suda 2.. So it's better la aku rasa kalo aku just move on dengan benda lain..
Now here I go again..

Ari ni ari Ahad suda.. kalo ikut kiraan aku, masuk ari keempat suda aku sakit.. enjoy punya enjoy dengan kawan2 aku, balik ja bilik ari 2, tba2 pulak aku sakit the next day.. punya la heran.. aku kena jangkit dengan red eyes c yohan sama batuk c uping.. punya la lama suda aku balik Penang ni, tp skrg baru kena jangkit..adedehhh....

Cakap yg pasal aku enjoy2 ari 2, aku kluar sma durg c Yohanes, Adrian, Hana and Z. Mula2 tu kami pg secret recipe..planning mau dinner konon ba sana, tp sampai2 ja sana trus durg tiba2 mau tgk wayang.. so kami just makan cake ja la sana kan.. macam besa, kalo suda pg secret recipe, nda lain nda bukan, Chocolate Indulgence la aku pg bantai...trus lepas makan cake 2 kami pg la Sunway mau cari tiket konon..smpai2 ja sana kaunter tiket masi bukak lagi, tp wayang suda start..adeh.. pdhal kami tau suda pun mmg teda midnyte show ba 2 arii, saja jak mau cuba nasib ba kan..den d same thing jugak d Megamall Butterworth, tp ni lagi sandi la sbb tutup pintu suda pun panggung dia..

Maka, lepas 2 kami pun putus asa la mau tgk wyg..den balik la pg Parit Buntar utk berkaraoke..karok satu jam ja la..pas2 kami plan mau smbung lagi karok d tempat lain sbb tmpt kami pg tu tutup kul 1am kan..time 2 around 1.15am suda..den kami decide pg Pekaka la,but sblum tu pg mkn la dulu sbb mmg lum dinner..sambil2 mkn 2 kami bershisha la kejap den tepat kul 2 baru kami pg sambung karok...

maka tamat la riwayat kesan degil..sampai sna jak la kami punya adventure malam 2..e2 la yg aku bilang td aku bgn pagi2 trus sakit sbb aku rajin, aku pg la jgk kelas kan..mula2 aku igt nda cukup tdur jak, skali melarat pulak merah mata aku 2 smpi bisuk2..ish3..last2 pg klinik dia bg smpi 5 jenis ubat..e2 pun nda masuk lagi utk ubat batuk sama flu..huhuhu~

na, byk suda aku berkurapak..cukup2 la 2 utk skrg, mau smbg tgk Japanese drama ni, sapa2 yg rasa dia free, pg la tgk drama Jipoons ni yg suda aku la jgk~

1. Buzzer Beater
2. Rescue
3. Voice
4. Ohitorisama
5. Atashinchi no Danshi

yg ni cuma list yg aku baru tgk start bukak sem ni la..enjoy reading n enjoy watching d recommended drama k?byeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~~


Monday, January 4, 2010

Here I go!!!

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup,it might be a bit late but it still valid right? I just got back from my holiday in KL with Syed, Yohan and Khairul. So, i'll just update a bit here on what we did kay?

I went there on the 30th of Dec by train from Parit Buntar and reached KL around 0630am the next day. By that time, the rest have checked in at Rescent Hotel not far from KL Monorail Station. It took me more or less 3 hours to find the hotel though while the others having sweet dreams of their own. Huhuhu~

Later in the afternoon, we checked out of Rescent and went to BB area for a place to stay, and that's when the real FUN begun for us!

If I were to write down the whole things here, it would be stressful for you readers and for me as well. So, to make things short, we had a blast!!!!! The countdown was one of the best I ever had, if not the best!! The entire BB area were full of people of different cultures and races with lots of foreigners too. People gathered around in their own group, couples holding hand, policemen on guard, some Chinese artists performing on stage, some pilaks with their own pilak's activities (spraying people around them with snow spray usually used in a party). All these sum up to a GREAT night altogether!! Though we tried our best not to get caught up in the mood and messing up our dressing with all the spraying stuff, you just couldn't resist the temptation surrounding the atmosphere at that particular time.

Anyway, that's just some of it, the rest was simply indescribable. But the night surely didn't end there for us. Anyway, let's just stop there and I'll try to update my post again in the future.

Here are some random pics taken in our hotel room before going for the countdown to 2010!!

Focus on Yohan, not me~

My Chinese blood was boiling intensely

Khai's not around that time,sorry buddy~haha