Monday, March 29, 2010

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The truth is...

so, having read the title of this post, what is it that you think i would write down here?? yeahh, im asking you!!!!

Truthfully, i never would have imagined myself updating my blog every once in a while few weeks back.. Im not really into this kind of stuff really.. but i have lots and loots of stuff in mind.. I'd like to express it all in this blog.. I really do, but reality is just too cruel.. might as well just keep things to myself.. not all things but something that I put as personal.. too personal to tell.. :)

maybe i share some good stuff here.. well, good news should be share right? just recently, i've got offers to continue with my Master Degree doing research.. continuing what I've been doing for my FYP.. i never really considered that choice before since Im not into study anymore, not even for a single bit (for now).. But the offer, and the way my supervisor talk to me bout the advantages and all have really caught my attention..

Been thinking about it for the past week, coz it seems too hard to let go.. until 2 days ago it is.. something happened out of the blue that really despise me, and my interest regarding this matter just flew, *tap*, just like that with a snap of a finger.. too bad though, I asked around and some encourage me to continue, and some just said it's better for me to got to work and gain experience first.. now,the choice's all mine.. and i've made up my mind..

whatever it is, hope i'll get the support from my family to continue what i wanna do.. parents would love to see their children go far in their studies right?? But sometimes, things doesn't always work in that direction.. whatever it is, i promise im not going to let anyone down!!


sekarang aku mau berkurapak dlm bahasa aku pulak.. aku mau mintak tolong dari everyone yg baca blog ni skrg..ya, KAU!!kau, kau, kau, kau & kau jugak!!!tolong aku k?? this is a servey~

di sini ada satu situasi, konon2 ko ni tengah in a middle of a conversation la kn sama a guy/girl..lepas conversation tu, konon2 output dia is like dis la..

happy.. check!!
senyum sendiri2.. check!
pandai terbayang rupa guy/girl tu.. check!!

tp mcm biasa la kn..dlm situation mcm ni, u never know what the other party is thinking and what they up to~

so, bnda yg aku mau mintak tlg ni gini la.. kalo kamu dalam situasi tu kan, apa yg kamu rasa suda jadi sma kamu ni??are you......

liking him/her??
normal jak pun??

hope i got some answers...thx peeps...

*situasi ni dipetik, diedit n ditranslate dari servey by couple of my colleagues*


btw, before i forgot.. i'm activating my FB soon~real soon.. reality knocks!! ;P

Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are the pics during our BBQ the other day..creditz 2 our photographer, Mr Dean Griffith(btul ka ni eja,haha) and all the photographer wannabe~

Stan,fion,me & aimi(or issit Amy?nda igt ehh)

Miss Karaoke Queen,Dorsi

Mr Don yg penat memasak..haha~

Stan getting stain all over him wit Pink

Darren,clifford,pink n Jude

The celebrated people,final year students!!
(aku nmpk tgn jak,ok la 2)

orang tua yg duduk d tepi,Billy n Dee2

Fion,stan n me!

experts in bbq(and curi makan)LoL~Add n Selah

Chandi n Bryan(btul ka ni Baye?haha) all pumped up to action..

Karaoke acoustic session

Tuan rumah, Jex n master grad Jib!

Take a break from bbq'ing

Uno time!!Had fun all nyte with this game..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

State Im in..

Hey ya'll.. cant say i miss blogging since it hasn't been that long since my last post.. I'd like to always update my blog everyday but I'll get bored of it if I do so..typical me..

Well, this couple of days have been quite tough really.. With my reports dateline on the dot and some problems of mine.. Yup, I'm human so I do have problems.. hehe~ don't just look at me being happy all the time..

Last nyte, I went to a barbecue made to celebrate our senior who just graduated with his master degree.. Congratulations dude!! And it was for the final year students farewell party as well.. Thx for the cake our juniors..haha~ Time flows so fast I guess.. I've been complaining all this while on how slow the time is passing by.. But now, in the end, it's our time to say goodbye.. well, not in a few weeks time but still, it's soon enough..

Thinking back all the past 4 years here in Penang, people i met along the way, friends and foes I encounter.. Soon, it will all be over.. Positively, we can still meet in the future..but hell, do u believe that?? me, everything's maybe at the moment..cant be sure...u dunno what will happen..*sigh~

Since i've spent most of my time on front of my laptop (or lappy some may call it) to finish up my report, been listening to many songs..old and new ones.. and I recall back how much I loved secondhand serenade before.. i still love this band though.. cant really call it a band since it started with only this one guy, John Vesely.. talking bout their songs, some kept repeating inside my head.. this guy surely have such strong words in his songs...

Anyway, I had a chat session with my friend last's gud to have someone to talk with..i seldom turn to people when i had trouble, coz i hardly had, for a change, I tried to turn to others and listen to their words, opinions, etc.. learned a couple of things.. so now, im trying to practice them..hope it'll work out.. 1st things first, learn to take a step backward...that's all for now..till my next post my blog~


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Love it or Hate it!

Theory of A Deadman
"Not Meant To Be

It's never enough to say I'm sorry
It's never enough to say I care
But I'm caught between what you wanted from me
And knowing that if I give that to you
I might just disappear

Nobody wins when everyone's losing

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I, I can't change your mind
I know it's like trying to turn around on one way street
I can't give you what you want
And it's killing me
And I, I'm starting to see
Maybe we're not meant to be

It's never enough to say I love you
No, it's never enough to say I try
It's hard to believe
That's theres no way out for you and me
And it seems to be the story of our lives

Nobody wins when everyone's losing

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I, I can't change your mind
I know it's like trying to turn around on a one way street
I can't give you what you want
And it's killing me
And I, I'm starting to see
Maybe we're not meant to be

There's still time to turn this around
You could building this up instead of tearing it down
But I keep thinking
Maybe it's too late

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I, I can't change your mind
I know it's like trying to turn around on a one way street
I can't give you what you want
And it's killing me
And I, I finally see
Maybe we're not meant to be

It's like one step forward and two steps back
No matter what I do you're always mad
And I, baby I'm sorry to see
Maybe we're not meant to be

Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay as promised, I'll get back to then Battle of The Band Finals...

The show ended around 12 just now.. And indeed it ended with a bang with performance from Bittersweet.. I must say, though I never heard of them before, it seems like they're quite popular among the indie world.. And they really give one hell of a performance.. At least they're more or less in the professional groups I must say...

The five bands competing for the coveted price of the winner and price of RM500 also gives an energetic performance overall.. and the two bands i forgot about their name in the last post were The Headache and Bluetooth.. sorry bout that... :P It was a great night with a special atmosphere.. We seldom held this kind of event in the campus, so people outside can now witness with their own eyes actually that Uni Students aren't just good in their studies (that's excluding me, hahahaa), but they can also do other stuffs!!!

Okay, back to the results..drumroll please..... The price prepared by the organizer comprises of hampers, trophies and cash!!! Hampers were meant for those bands placing at number 8th to 4th place.. The cash was for the top three bands and the trophy goes to the individuals who perform the best using their instruments, and that includes the vocalist~ So, here's the results..

Best Vocalist - Sky Stalker
Best Bassist - The Echoes
Best Rhythmic Guitarist - Sky Stalker
Best Lead Guitarist - The Headache
Best Drummer - Bluetooth
Best Keyboardist - The Echoes

Congrats especially to Sky Stalker lead vocalist since he won both award for best vocal and rhythmic guitar.. Now, to the other winners~

8th Place - Klorofil(mind me if i spell this wrongly k)
7th place - Group of people from UiTM Penang(the lead vocalist's a Sabahan)-cant remember ur band name,sorry~
6th place - MO Wisdom(our very own Eng Campus band)

That's the groups that weren't able to get into the finals but their effort was very much appreciated.. Now to the top 5!!!!

5th place - 6055
4th place- The Headache

So now there's only three bands left!! They will each walk away with prize money of RM200, RM300 and RM500 respectively~

And the third place goes to Bluetooth!!! The band comprises of all Indonesians~congratz!!!
Now only left the runner-up and the winner.. It's between Sky Stalker and The Echoes!!!
And the winner is................

The Echoes!!!
means that Sky Stalker grab the 2nd place..

Congratulations to all!!! That's all from me, till my next post~


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hari yang best!!tp kin takut~

Ni post aku dalam bahasa yg aku rasa selesa la k?

Hari ni, aku sepatutnya bz dgn aku nya slalu suda kan dgn bnda ni smpi aku tau kamu yg baca blog ni pun boring suda dgr bnda, aku lepas la dr suma 2.. aku mau crita pasal bnda lain la pulak..ok ba kan??msti la ok, blog aku, aku punya suka la mau tulis apa pun...wakakakkakaka~

Pagi td aku bgn awal la knn, around 10AM kn, lepas kol kawan aku yg nda dapat, aku smbg la balik tdur smpi kul 12 gi2 la baru aku bgn balik...mcm besa, aku cek la FB aku tgk apa update baru kan.. Dalam men2 FB 2, aku dapat satu miskol dr one company that might have decided my future, aku nda sdar la ba kan sbb phone aku dalam silent mode pulak 2...huhuhu~

Petang pulak aku pg kedai phone pg amik balik phone yg rusak tu..yup!!!means aku dpt la suda balik phone aku...walaupun masi ada slight problem tp 2 kdai mau suru bayar lebih lg, konfom la aku nda mau ba... Maka aku pun bw la handphone aku lari dr sana (lepas bayar la k)..

Malam pulak, ada Battle of The Band d kampus..bes la jgk, ramau participants, from other campus as well.. ada yg dr UiTM penang, USM Induk, UNIMAP n semestinya from my campus itself..ada dalam 18 band la main.. tp dia clash pulak sama Futsal tournament malam 2..aihhh.. aku nda ikut pun futsal 2 sbnrnya, tp sbb kwn aku kurg ahli, aku tlg la jd GK diorg, for one night only..first time la jgk aku men d pdg 2 malam2, nasib ada spotlight kna pasang.. yg nda bes dia, kami lawan sama Pak Arab yg besar2 ni ba suma, n kami kalah..wakakakaakaa~sapa suru, len kali ambil lg aku jd keeper...hahahaa~berabis ni ba kna belasah...

Lepas kecewa kalah suda, balik la pg tgk Battle of The band 2...nasib masi rmai lg band yg lum perform.. ok la,bes2 ni performance dia..nda sia2 aku pg sbb bukn ada entrance fee pun.. hahaha~rmai jgk oo budak borneo yg perform.. bangga jgk la wpun bukn aku yg men kan..wakakaka~kalo ada yg triangle punya instrument 2,bole la ba aku ikut..ngeh3~

Last2, band yg masuk final utk bisuk (Ahad la 2), ada lima group jak..
1. 6055
2. Sky Stalker
3. The Echo
4. band yg ada org tua di dalam (patut durg ni kna DQ ba)
5. band dr induk yg suma asal Indonesia (mantap sehh)

Utk dua band yg aku nda igt nama 2, sorry ar..bukn apa, lupa kejap baa..dun worry, bsuk aku igt balik suda 2 nama kamu..apa pun, we'll wait till tomorrow for the Finals k??? cant wait...weeeee~

oya, btw aku td record satu lagu yg aku sendri nyanyi ba kn, tp bidak ni..wakakakka~ first time ni try2 buat gi2..dun worry la, aku bukn jenis yg org cni pggl MENCAPUB (gini ka ejaan dia ni??) @ lebih dikenali sbg Mencari Publisiti...buat suka2 jak 2...ada d YouTube yg aku tgk 2, aku natau la dia mmg nda sdar ka dia nda pndai menyanyi, bole lg dia post sana YouTube gi2 bidak??ish3~
Tp yg smart2 2, aku nda heran la..aku galakkan lg kamu post byk2, bole jgk jd sumber inspirasi kn??tp yg nda smart 2,, kamu try jak la,manatau bole jd d next William Hung..

ba, apa suda aku merapu ni..hehe..k la,till my next post...bye from me..


Monday, March 8, 2010


I don't know what should i put for the title.. but i guess that's sufficient..

Today, I went to the school early, around 830am.. Planning on finishing my lab work all at once.. Too bad the technician in charge of the materials didn't come, he's taking the day off.. So, i have to postponed my plan till tomorrow then.. Hopefully i'll be able to finish em all by the end of the week, I mean my FYP final draft~

In the mean time, I'm more or less confuse right now.. I don't know what I did wrong, but somewhere something just doesn't sum up to what I expected.. Maybe, I'm really at fault..
I felt like my presence might just be a disturbance.. I really don't know what to do.. I wanna do something but I just don't know what that something is?? Can anyone please tell me what it is.. My mind really, totally mess up at the moment~

Lastly, just to share some good but funny news.. I got this one phone call just now asking me if I would like to receive an offer to work in a consultant firm..I was like "WOW"!!!! That was really awesome, I never would have expected myself being approached by such a company.. But the funny part is, they want me to start work immediately~ How is that even possible??????
So, I have to turn down the offer and tell them I still have my exam to think of, my FYP to finish, and my final year to enjoy~

Whatever it is, even after receiving such great offer, I didn't feel "that" happy~ "That" as in the happiness I should have felt, I mean I should really be celebrating now right?? But somehow, something just got the better of it..*sigh*~ Anyway, I'm done for the time being..chiowww~


Sunday, March 7, 2010

SUKAD 2010

SUKAD- Sukan Antara Desasiswa.. Desasiswa is what we called asrama in High School or Campus or Kampung in certain IPTAs..

Well, this is by far my first time joining SUKAD in my 4 years in university actually.. Funny huh?? Don't ask why coz I can give reasons on why am I not joining, but most would have argue that I should just accept the fact that I'm just no good in this.. haha~

Whatever it is, after missing my Volleyball competition upon clashing with my holiday schedule, I wouldn't miss the second one, Handball (or Bola Baling in its Malay terms).

The day (Saturday, 6th March 2010) was so hot~ We have the group matches in the morning. That morning, we had 2 matches which we won comfortably (8-0 and 5-0). And as the result, we went through to the next round (Quarters). Although we did that not with some burned to the skin and bruises here and there. HAHA~

The quarter final match was scheduled at 3.30 PM the same day. Cut short to the result, WE LOST!!!!!! And it's the end of the road. It's not like we can't win against that particular team. *sigh* I can give reasons for this as well, but a lost is a lost~ It's just heartbreaking. We were supposed to be the defending champion, but we just didn't play like one.

Whatever it is, I had fun. We did give the team a fight they will remember(I think la since I left some bruise marks on some of them).


On other story,I just wanna congratulate you for taking two awards last night during your dinner. Couldn't be there to congratulate you, but Im sure you're all smiles now as always. ;)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Story telling part II


20th February

Been texting her for few days now.. Today, I gather all my courage and asked her out. It just came naturally from my mind to asked her out. I never would have thought that she would agreed. Been really eager to find out more about her in person. I don't want her to think badly of me though.

I fetch her up from her place. I was really nervous about meeting her. And there she was, in her dress (sorta beach attire I think), looking really stunning. OMG, my nerves were getting the best out of me. I cant really looked at her in the eyes.

So we went to the Movie, beach and dinner; not bad for a first meeting. Hehe~
At the end of the day, I think my nervous were more or less gone. We had a normal conversation finally sitting in front one another on the dining table. I think that's the longest we had eye contact throughout the day.

After the meeting was over, that was after I sent her home (though I really wanna spend more time with her actually), I was thinking, "I think I like her"..

to be continued in the final part...

..........masi lagi boring~