Monday, March 15, 2010


Okay as promised, I'll get back to then Battle of The Band Finals...

The show ended around 12 just now.. And indeed it ended with a bang with performance from Bittersweet.. I must say, though I never heard of them before, it seems like they're quite popular among the indie world.. And they really give one hell of a performance.. At least they're more or less in the professional groups I must say...

The five bands competing for the coveted price of the winner and price of RM500 also gives an energetic performance overall.. and the two bands i forgot about their name in the last post were The Headache and Bluetooth.. sorry bout that... :P It was a great night with a special atmosphere.. We seldom held this kind of event in the campus, so people outside can now witness with their own eyes actually that Uni Students aren't just good in their studies (that's excluding me, hahahaa), but they can also do other stuffs!!!

Okay, back to the results..drumroll please..... The price prepared by the organizer comprises of hampers, trophies and cash!!! Hampers were meant for those bands placing at number 8th to 4th place.. The cash was for the top three bands and the trophy goes to the individuals who perform the best using their instruments, and that includes the vocalist~ So, here's the results..

Best Vocalist - Sky Stalker
Best Bassist - The Echoes
Best Rhythmic Guitarist - Sky Stalker
Best Lead Guitarist - The Headache
Best Drummer - Bluetooth
Best Keyboardist - The Echoes

Congrats especially to Sky Stalker lead vocalist since he won both award for best vocal and rhythmic guitar.. Now, to the other winners~

8th Place - Klorofil(mind me if i spell this wrongly k)
7th place - Group of people from UiTM Penang(the lead vocalist's a Sabahan)-cant remember ur band name,sorry~
6th place - MO Wisdom(our very own Eng Campus band)

That's the groups that weren't able to get into the finals but their effort was very much appreciated.. Now to the top 5!!!!

5th place - 6055
4th place- The Headache

So now there's only three bands left!! They will each walk away with prize money of RM200, RM300 and RM500 respectively~

And the third place goes to Bluetooth!!! The band comprises of all Indonesians~congratz!!!
Now only left the runner-up and the winner.. It's between Sky Stalker and The Echoes!!!
And the winner is................

The Echoes!!!
means that Sky Stalker grab the 2nd place..

Congratulations to all!!! That's all from me, till my next post~


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