Sunday, March 7, 2010

SUKAD 2010

SUKAD- Sukan Antara Desasiswa.. Desasiswa is what we called asrama in High School or Campus or Kampung in certain IPTAs..

Well, this is by far my first time joining SUKAD in my 4 years in university actually.. Funny huh?? Don't ask why coz I can give reasons on why am I not joining, but most would have argue that I should just accept the fact that I'm just no good in this.. haha~

Whatever it is, after missing my Volleyball competition upon clashing with my holiday schedule, I wouldn't miss the second one, Handball (or Bola Baling in its Malay terms).

The day (Saturday, 6th March 2010) was so hot~ We have the group matches in the morning. That morning, we had 2 matches which we won comfortably (8-0 and 5-0). And as the result, we went through to the next round (Quarters). Although we did that not with some burned to the skin and bruises here and there. HAHA~

The quarter final match was scheduled at 3.30 PM the same day. Cut short to the result, WE LOST!!!!!! And it's the end of the road. It's not like we can't win against that particular team. *sigh* I can give reasons for this as well, but a lost is a lost~ It's just heartbreaking. We were supposed to be the defending champion, but we just didn't play like one.

Whatever it is, I had fun. We did give the team a fight they will remember(I think la since I left some bruise marks on some of them).


On other story,I just wanna congratulate you for taking two awards last night during your dinner. Couldn't be there to congratulate you, but Im sure you're all smiles now as always. ;)


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