Friday, March 26, 2010

The truth is...

so, having read the title of this post, what is it that you think i would write down here?? yeahh, im asking you!!!!

Truthfully, i never would have imagined myself updating my blog every once in a while few weeks back.. Im not really into this kind of stuff really.. but i have lots and loots of stuff in mind.. I'd like to express it all in this blog.. I really do, but reality is just too cruel.. might as well just keep things to myself.. not all things but something that I put as personal.. too personal to tell.. :)

maybe i share some good stuff here.. well, good news should be share right? just recently, i've got offers to continue with my Master Degree doing research.. continuing what I've been doing for my FYP.. i never really considered that choice before since Im not into study anymore, not even for a single bit (for now).. But the offer, and the way my supervisor talk to me bout the advantages and all have really caught my attention..

Been thinking about it for the past week, coz it seems too hard to let go.. until 2 days ago it is.. something happened out of the blue that really despise me, and my interest regarding this matter just flew, *tap*, just like that with a snap of a finger.. too bad though, I asked around and some encourage me to continue, and some just said it's better for me to got to work and gain experience first.. now,the choice's all mine.. and i've made up my mind..

whatever it is, hope i'll get the support from my family to continue what i wanna do.. parents would love to see their children go far in their studies right?? But sometimes, things doesn't always work in that direction.. whatever it is, i promise im not going to let anyone down!!


sekarang aku mau berkurapak dlm bahasa aku pulak.. aku mau mintak tolong dari everyone yg baca blog ni skrg..ya, KAU!!kau, kau, kau, kau & kau jugak!!!tolong aku k?? this is a servey~

di sini ada satu situasi, konon2 ko ni tengah in a middle of a conversation la kn sama a guy/girl..lepas conversation tu, konon2 output dia is like dis la..

happy.. check!!
senyum sendiri2.. check!
pandai terbayang rupa guy/girl tu.. check!!

tp mcm biasa la kn..dlm situation mcm ni, u never know what the other party is thinking and what they up to~

so, bnda yg aku mau mintak tlg ni gini la.. kalo kamu dalam situasi tu kan, apa yg kamu rasa suda jadi sma kamu ni??are you......

liking him/her??
normal jak pun??

hope i got some answers...thx peeps...

*situasi ni dipetik, diedit n ditranslate dari servey by couple of my colleagues*


btw, before i forgot.. i'm activating my FB soon~real soon.. reality knocks!! ;P


  1. hahahh..gila lah raepp..msti ko da jatuh cintan kn aku just rase org tuh da bjaye wat ko suke kat die n just suke..sbb buleh senyum srg2 next tatau lah kalau ade lebey2 pulak..hahaa..utk tahap gila tuh tak kot..waras jeh lagi ko nih;p

  2. erk..bukn aku servey yg kwn aku wat utk SHE..tlg ja dia cari info on9..haha ;P

  3. wow! bestnya..dpt offer further study~
    herm..kalo nk bc raeff pny tesis bley ka nnt? after u've done all ur fyp project..etc..
    sounds great!

  4. sila la baca wahai azaz..kalo minat smbung researcha au pun ok gak..bole ja aku tlg bg nasihat ada berat la sbb lab byk...larat ka??hahaha~

  5. mmg xmnt konkrit pon..
    xpa..juz maw baca ja..wt rujukan apa taw kalo2 dpt peluang smbung master gak mcm en reFfz..haha

    herm..nnt bgtaw..

  6. smbung master??haha~not in a while i think..trus kerja pasni..xda intention smbung master dh..