Sunday, March 21, 2010

State Im in..

Hey ya'll.. cant say i miss blogging since it hasn't been that long since my last post.. I'd like to always update my blog everyday but I'll get bored of it if I do so..typical me..

Well, this couple of days have been quite tough really.. With my reports dateline on the dot and some problems of mine.. Yup, I'm human so I do have problems.. hehe~ don't just look at me being happy all the time..

Last nyte, I went to a barbecue made to celebrate our senior who just graduated with his master degree.. Congratulations dude!! And it was for the final year students farewell party as well.. Thx for the cake our juniors..haha~ Time flows so fast I guess.. I've been complaining all this while on how slow the time is passing by.. But now, in the end, it's our time to say goodbye.. well, not in a few weeks time but still, it's soon enough..

Thinking back all the past 4 years here in Penang, people i met along the way, friends and foes I encounter.. Soon, it will all be over.. Positively, we can still meet in the future..but hell, do u believe that?? me, everything's maybe at the moment..cant be sure...u dunno what will happen..*sigh~

Since i've spent most of my time on front of my laptop (or lappy some may call it) to finish up my report, been listening to many songs..old and new ones.. and I recall back how much I loved secondhand serenade before.. i still love this band though.. cant really call it a band since it started with only this one guy, John Vesely.. talking bout their songs, some kept repeating inside my head.. this guy surely have such strong words in his songs...

Anyway, I had a chat session with my friend last's gud to have someone to talk with..i seldom turn to people when i had trouble, coz i hardly had, for a change, I tried to turn to others and listen to their words, opinions, etc.. learned a couple of things.. so now, im trying to practice them..hope it'll work out.. 1st things first, learn to take a step backward...that's all for now..till my next post my blog~


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