Thursday, July 22, 2010


Rather than just putting up UPDATE every time,switch to sumthing more acceptable la.. :)

Today, I was really in bad condition..i couldn't bring myself to fulfill my task since i'm terribly down with a headache/migrain.. Damn t, it's been a while since last feel like my head's this heavy..

Again, im stuck with multiple task to complete!!! still have many things to do and many meetings to attend to..funny that got involved in this kind of scenario~huhuhU!!!Graduation is just 2 weeks away..the point here is not that, but maybe because i'll be meeting my parents, all of em.. :))

Talking bout coming month, we still have ramadhan to catch and still yet to decide whether i should go back to my hometown or not for Raya~I won't be able to spend lots of time there even if i want to..just 2 days???wut can u get out of dat???dem it!!!

btw, living alone (not really alone,but alone in some way) has really open up my eys to many things..guess im not suitable to living alone..yup,i admit takes courage to admt it..haha~ the first few weeks was just normal, den it becomes somewhat crazy for me!!!i feel like i was really abandoned by evryone..silly me~hahaha!!!!neway, that's all now behind me.. Just have to endure through all this myself!!! Definitely, no one knows me better than myself, so i know my limit and i'll get pass my limit~, enuff for the session..have to go now..anyway, missing my blog as well!!! LoL~