Monday, December 28, 2009

aku dan sabah~


Starting yang bagus kan?? teda apa yg spesel psal aku punya title.. cuma mau post blog aku dalam bhasa melayu, slang(betul ka ni ejaan?) Sabah... macam nda perna buat ba kan sebelum ni...


sekarang ni aku tgh duduk2 depan laptop, tgh main Yakuza Lords,ala yg app dlm FB 2 ba..gila addicted sda aku sama game 2 ba.. hehehe... baru jak balik dari tgk Alvin and The Chipmunks 2: The Sequel.. Story dia quite ok la jgk.. The Chipmunks vs The Chipettes!!! aku dgr nama group chipmunk betina ni ba kan, punya la aku rasa yg kelucuan yg berabis!! Chipettes??? hahaaaa.. mcm CIPET jak.... all in all, i give this movie a 7/10 rating... bukan la ba maksud dia movie ni nda bestt.. cuma mcm jalan crita dia yg kehabisan idea suda ni ba... apa pun,bes la jgk tgkk,nda rugi duit aku rasa.. Ba,pa lagi??pg la bersiap trus pg cinema booking tiket!!! ooopppsss, kul 3am pulak ni kn.. ba,bsuk ja la k??

neway, aku dpt result ari 2 kan, punya la rasa yg s*it berabis!!! bukan jg la nda puas ati sma result aku.. ok la jgk,cuma terpikir knapa la aku malas btul mau stadi suda ni.. aiiihhhh... kalo aku stadi 2... ngeh3~mau start tambirang suda ni.... bukan apa la, tp aku rasa kalo aku stadi la kan, aku bole dapat apa ja pointer yg aku mau.. aku rasa la.. mngkn a bit over kan, tp that's just me!!! AKU YAKIN AKU BULIH BUAT!!!! tapi aku MALAS!!! huhu~lupakan ja la..haha....

Skrg aku masi lagi pening psal aku nya FYP!!! aku sgt busy sbnrnya, byk gilak mau urus.. even rmai yg suda start dgn durg pnya report, aku masi lagi terkapai2 berurusan dgn kilang n supervisor aku.. pa bole buat la kan.. tp aku masi jgk la ada masa utk berjoli2, utk kasi ilang stress la ba kan org bilang.. wpun aku ni nda fhm sbnrnya mcm mna perasaaan stress 2...

Lagi satu, aku nya cuti abis suda.. hahaaa~skrg musim baru lagi utk stadiii... aihhh..punya la kemalasan berabis aku rasa skrg ni... mungkin kalo aku stay lama skit d KK ari 2, hepi jgak la aku.. bukan mgkn, aku PASTI!!!!! rndu suda aku sma anak buah aku, parents aku, kazen mazen, aunti uncle, frenzz n kucing2 aku.. huhuhu~ pdhal aku teda kucing ni baaa.. huhuhuhu lagi la...

apa2 pun, cukup la stakat ni... mau btdur suda, bsuk mau bgn awal.. natau la dpt ka nda ni bgn.. haha~oya, mcm best pulak tulis guna bahasa gini ni ba... len kali aku tulis byk2 la lg guna bahasa macam ni.. hehe~bukan BI aku bgs mana pun.. grammar terbang huru hara ni... apa suda org besa bilang 2?? ANGKANG??? hahaha!!!

ba,ok la arh??cukup2 la 2...gunyte all!!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas n New Year 2010!!

Usually by this time every year,i'd be preparing myself for my Aunt's annual Xmas Eve dinner in KK. But now,m sitting here in my Campus alone in my room updating my blog while FB-ing..

Nevertheless,im wishing all those celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and to all,a very Happy New Year 2010!!!!

Looking back at my 2009, i've had some wonderful times n some not-so-good times.. Anyway,i'm not someone who likes to look back at things..though i am a "pendendam" (dun really know the word in english,haha), for those who have done me wrong, BEWARE!!! i mean it..yes,u!!!!d one reading this right now,U!!!!!LoL~

I just wish my 2010 will be a different year.. I really hope i'll be able to graduate in time..d things dat worry me much is my FYP..nonetheless,m trying my best to make things work out between me n Dr J!!!!hopefully,it will go smoothly from now on..
Looking forward to my first job..please, let me have one.. I dun wanna be a penganggur once i go out there!!!

I like to think positive though.. I believe i'll be able to prove myself!!!yeahhh, come on!!!bring it all on~ considering my age by the end of June next year, I seriously need to put some thoughts into having a real relationship..i've tried..yes,i really have... but none of it worked out... There's just no "ME" or "YOU" in a real relationship, there's only "US"!!!i know that..i really do..........need to put that into my List for 2010~

anyway,stop the itssy,bitssy,tiny things aside..we're in the mood for Xmas n New Year, let's just enjoy the moment and forget all d bad things!!!May all of you have a pleasent year ahead!!!!!!!!!!!~



Friday, December 18, 2009


The days here in KK has been really enjoyable for me..i'll be returning to Penang real soon for the 2nd semester..time for some serious business there..i havent even started on my experimental FYP project..*sigh~*

hanging out in JP shisha-ing, karaoke session, watching movies, beach, lepak-ing, clubbing, showing off.....haha..d list just goes on and on..n i never had enough of all these things..i mean who would ryte?? just spending time with my budss here have made so much difference to my current state of glad i decided to came back..really~

my family members have been doing well.. ALHAMDULILLAH...m super duper happy to meet my mum and dad,siblings and relatives in KK..even my aunt and cousins from Tawau came along and make our house livelier and merrier...n my nephew, d super duper 2 years old cutie is becoming livelier every seconds..m really going to miss them all when im in Penang..

Just yesterday, me, khai, syed and yohan spend the time in khai's R35 (if u know what it is)...all that after meeting Hannah and Amy and shisha-ing in JP~showing off the car around KK was just an awesome thing to do, tho we can only do that for that one particular nyte only..haha~clubbing and driving around aimlessly while chatting among oursleves were just great..that's the first in quite a long time really we spend time together...i went back around 6am and didn't go to sleep ryte away coz need ro settle my passport problem in Mini Putrajaya~LoL.. i reached home around 2pm and went to sleep afer FB-ing~it's a long 25hours++ for me without sleep..

Supposed i'll be going to the island today with Hannah the, but i guess it won't work out since i haven't heard a word from any of them since last nyte...huhu~
kinda sick really planning things in rarely works out..maybe we should just make a plan on the spot and just do it right away..harharhar~ whatever it is, m going to have my own plan later on..need to have my getaway from the city...

m sleepy now...cudnt even think clearly now, so mind me if im writing nonsense here..weeeeeeeeeeeee~


Thursday, December 10, 2009

My state of mind

As my title says,i'm expressing my state of mind at d moment...But before that, kurapak dulu...

Sorry to myself for not being able to update my blog from time to tell the truth,it's not that im not able to take some time to update anything..i guess i got lazy of this blogging stuff..well,actually i've always experienced these kind of situation before..cudnt get myself to love a certain things for's d list of things that can only last less than a week in my schedule..

1. Games (any type of games)

2. Accessories (ring,necklace,bangle etc.)

3. Guitar lesson

4. Study time (this one last only for 2 days max except during study weeks)

5. my savings (that's why my "tabung" always end up empty)

6. hobbies (yup,i change hobbies frm time to time)

7. etc~~~~~~~

8. girlfriend (once,it really last less than a week)

Well,dats not d end of my kurapaking though..LoL..imagined how many things i can write down here since my last post (dat was like 4 months ago)..i've been through a lot in Penang during those times..some good,some bad,some wonderful times with my besties there..

I might just as well post some random pics later on just for from my activities in thing i miss for sure is my PALAPES activities..i've been complaining a lot during my active that i've graduated,i lost my way every weekends and don't really know what to do exactly..i miss all those yelling from our officers,all d punishments,d marching,d PT,evrything!!!!

Since im now in my last term in Penang, me and my frenz were planning lots of things..hiking,adventure,anything possible..though we only managed to go hiking once to Pulau ????????????~omg,i forgot the was great though..celebrated few of my friends birthday as was the first time for Z though.. yeah,Zainurul aka Z...she always complained d fact that we never celebrated her birthday with her.. haha,guess it's her luck this time of the year since we're all staying back to do our FYP!!!!

talking bout FYP!!!~*sigh*-Forget it la,no use complaining now.. (-.-)

Exam!!~*double sigh*

that's about general..all d details and personal things are kept in my diary..personal diary..hehe~


Now, back to the main topic..owh???u've had enough???just stop reading then..hehe~ i dunno when my next post will be,so have to try and fit in as much as possible in this single post...

As you people would have known,im now in KK~yeah,my beloved land below the wind...did i or did i not mentioned it??hmmm~wonder...

Just got back from my karaoke session with Amy, Hannah and Sue..d others weren't able to join us..they've got their own things working out for them...neway,i've had a great to spend some time in Hannah's house with her family members..n got to know few of her cousins..if im not mistaken,she has about millions of it Hannah???LoL~

as for the past few days activities in KK,i figure Amy will soon post the pics we had in her blog..i'm still searching for her blog though...haha~

i've been really happy since coming back to KK..met my family,i missed them like crazy!!!juz couldn't express it in words directly..*shy*~i know they miss me 2..huhuu..hopefully,not really sure actually..hehe

I dunno why im this seems like my problems have stopped from getting to my mind..i know it will all rise back up in a few days or so,but im happy the way it is now..i cant really say my problems's not like i got all my problems in Penang, but i figured being around my family (n my besties here) and staying in KK itself have really helped me get through all that difficult times..

sometimes when im alone, i tried as much as i can to understand my own situation.. i just couldn't come up with an explanation..what's d source of my problems?what's gotten into me?why have i become what i am now?what?why?when?where?HOW?

but as i said,im happy d way i am,just live my life so i dun have any regrets!!

what else i wanna write??i've got many thing to write here..but better keep in my personal diary for the time outta here..