Friday, December 18, 2009


The days here in KK has been really enjoyable for me..i'll be returning to Penang real soon for the 2nd semester..time for some serious business there..i havent even started on my experimental FYP project..*sigh~*

hanging out in JP shisha-ing, karaoke session, watching movies, beach, lepak-ing, clubbing, showing off.....haha..d list just goes on and on..n i never had enough of all these things..i mean who would ryte?? just spending time with my budss here have made so much difference to my current state of glad i decided to came back..really~

my family members have been doing well.. ALHAMDULILLAH...m super duper happy to meet my mum and dad,siblings and relatives in KK..even my aunt and cousins from Tawau came along and make our house livelier and merrier...n my nephew, d super duper 2 years old cutie is becoming livelier every seconds..m really going to miss them all when im in Penang..

Just yesterday, me, khai, syed and yohan spend the time in khai's R35 (if u know what it is)...all that after meeting Hannah and Amy and shisha-ing in JP~showing off the car around KK was just an awesome thing to do, tho we can only do that for that one particular nyte only..haha~clubbing and driving around aimlessly while chatting among oursleves were just great..that's the first in quite a long time really we spend time together...i went back around 6am and didn't go to sleep ryte away coz need ro settle my passport problem in Mini Putrajaya~LoL.. i reached home around 2pm and went to sleep afer FB-ing~it's a long 25hours++ for me without sleep..

Supposed i'll be going to the island today with Hannah the, but i guess it won't work out since i haven't heard a word from any of them since last nyte...huhu~
kinda sick really planning things in rarely works out..maybe we should just make a plan on the spot and just do it right away..harharhar~ whatever it is, m going to have my own plan later on..need to have my getaway from the city...

m sleepy now...cudnt even think clearly now, so mind me if im writing nonsense here..weeeeeeeeeeeee~


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