Saturday, June 26, 2010

The New Me??!


There's nothing new about me..really..just that im proud to say that im going to graduate this year..yeahh..though my result is nothing to be proud of (for real), but i guess i should feel content to the at that im actually gonna graduate soon..

For those who never heard of it, i already started working..jus started for a month or so.. i got the job offer a couple of month before i finish my exam..yeahh,it kinda suprised me as well..cause with such a terrible result, i have job offer that soon..really thank God for it...

For that reason, I kinda finding it tough to look for a moment or two to update my blog (not like anyone's reading it anyway, LOL)..nway,to talk a bit on my work, im working in KL, KLCC to be exact..started off wit some big shit!!!hahaha~working with only one day off in weeks..makes me feel like quitting..but as long as i can stand it, i will..hahaa~

now, im hanging out in sufri's house..gonna watch football (spain vs chile) pretty soon..but im tired,still got work tomorrow..guess im just gonna watch the first half then go straight to bed..

nway, i have much to write, much to talk on, much things to say, much feelings to express..juz couldnt find the right time to do it all..ermm, i'll update anytime in the future la on all dat things,,dats all for now..chiow~