Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas n New Year 2010!!

Usually by this time every year,i'd be preparing myself for my Aunt's annual Xmas Eve dinner in KK. But now,m sitting here in my Campus alone in my room updating my blog while FB-ing..

Nevertheless,im wishing all those celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and to all,a very Happy New Year 2010!!!!

Looking back at my 2009, i've had some wonderful times n some not-so-good times.. Anyway,i'm not someone who likes to look back at things..though i am a "pendendam" (dun really know the word in english,haha), for those who have done me wrong, BEWARE!!! i mean it..yes,u!!!!d one reading this right now,U!!!!!LoL~

I just wish my 2010 will be a different year.. I really hope i'll be able to graduate in time..d things dat worry me much is my FYP..nonetheless,m trying my best to make things work out between me n Dr J!!!!hopefully,it will go smoothly from now on..
Looking forward to my first job..please, let me have one.. I dun wanna be a penganggur once i go out there!!!

I like to think positive though.. I believe i'll be able to prove myself!!!yeahhh, come on!!!bring it all on~ considering my age by the end of June next year, I seriously need to put some thoughts into having a real relationship..i've tried..yes,i really have... but none of it worked out... There's just no "ME" or "YOU" in a real relationship, there's only "US"!!!i know that..i really do..........need to put that into my List for 2010~

anyway,stop the itssy,bitssy,tiny things aside..we're in the mood for Xmas n New Year, let's just enjoy the moment and forget all d bad things!!!May all of you have a pleasent year ahead!!!!!!!!!!!~



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