Monday, March 22, 2010


Here are the pics during our BBQ the other day..creditz 2 our photographer, Mr Dean Griffith(btul ka ni eja,haha) and all the photographer wannabe~

Stan,fion,me & aimi(or issit Amy?nda igt ehh)

Miss Karaoke Queen,Dorsi

Mr Don yg penat memasak..haha~

Stan getting stain all over him wit Pink

Darren,clifford,pink n Jude

The celebrated people,final year students!!
(aku nmpk tgn jak,ok la 2)

orang tua yg duduk d tepi,Billy n Dee2

Fion,stan n me!

experts in bbq(and curi makan)LoL~Add n Selah

Chandi n Bryan(btul ka ni Baye?haha) all pumped up to action..

Karaoke acoustic session

Tuan rumah, Jex n master grad Jib!

Take a break from bbq'ing

Uno time!!Had fun all nyte with this game..