Monday, March 1, 2010

Story telling part II


20th February

Been texting her for few days now.. Today, I gather all my courage and asked her out. It just came naturally from my mind to asked her out. I never would have thought that she would agreed. Been really eager to find out more about her in person. I don't want her to think badly of me though.

I fetch her up from her place. I was really nervous about meeting her. And there she was, in her dress (sorta beach attire I think), looking really stunning. OMG, my nerves were getting the best out of me. I cant really looked at her in the eyes.

So we went to the Movie, beach and dinner; not bad for a first meeting. Hehe~
At the end of the day, I think my nervous were more or less gone. We had a normal conversation finally sitting in front one another on the dining table. I think that's the longest we had eye contact throughout the day.

After the meeting was over, that was after I sent her home (though I really wanna spend more time with her actually), I was thinking, "I think I like her"..

to be continued in the final part...

..........masi lagi boring~


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