Sunday, February 28, 2010


Honesty...Simple word with deep meanings.

One should be honest, that is to be true towards yourself and those around you. That's not too much too asked does it? We can describe the uses if this word in many kinds of situation.

Like me, I cheated before during tests and quizzes. But never did it cross my mind to cheat during the exams. Exam to me is where you can actually prove to yourself that you can really do it by yourself. Why can't people be honest to themselves by answering the exam on their own? Anyway, just an example..haha~

In building a relationship, without honesty, the outcome will be disastrous. Honesty in relationship comes in many features:

1. Be honest and tell her/him that you like them. That's a start.

2. Be honest and don't pretend that you like her/him if you don't.

3. Be honest and let them know if you feel insecure.

4. Be honest and don't keep everything inside you, that's what relationships are for; to share.

You can be honest about everything in a relationship. Some relationships ends because of honesty itself, but it's better that way that to keep pretending.

Honesty will take you far in life. People will believe in you and starts giving you their trusts!! That is one way to keep improving in life whether you're a student or an employee.

Being honest doesn't mean that you can easily be stepped on. So, live life honestly people!! :)


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  1. valuable lesson la kwn...i cheated on tests too, haha...but not during final exam la, gila...kedapatan nt, haha