Monday, January 4, 2010

Here I go!!!

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup,it might be a bit late but it still valid right? I just got back from my holiday in KL with Syed, Yohan and Khairul. So, i'll just update a bit here on what we did kay?

I went there on the 30th of Dec by train from Parit Buntar and reached KL around 0630am the next day. By that time, the rest have checked in at Rescent Hotel not far from KL Monorail Station. It took me more or less 3 hours to find the hotel though while the others having sweet dreams of their own. Huhuhu~

Later in the afternoon, we checked out of Rescent and went to BB area for a place to stay, and that's when the real FUN begun for us!

If I were to write down the whole things here, it would be stressful for you readers and for me as well. So, to make things short, we had a blast!!!!! The countdown was one of the best I ever had, if not the best!! The entire BB area were full of people of different cultures and races with lots of foreigners too. People gathered around in their own group, couples holding hand, policemen on guard, some Chinese artists performing on stage, some pilaks with their own pilak's activities (spraying people around them with snow spray usually used in a party). All these sum up to a GREAT night altogether!! Though we tried our best not to get caught up in the mood and messing up our dressing with all the spraying stuff, you just couldn't resist the temptation surrounding the atmosphere at that particular time.

Anyway, that's just some of it, the rest was simply indescribable. But the night surely didn't end there for us. Anyway, let's just stop there and I'll try to update my post again in the future.

Here are some random pics taken in our hotel room before going for the countdown to 2010!!

Focus on Yohan, not me~

My Chinese blood was boiling intensely

Khai's not around that time,sorry buddy~haha



  1. punya la... gambar tu sangat.......... LAWAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! yohan especially.

    u boys are vain! :P

  2. 魚, happy new year 2 u 2...
    Amy, jealousy is something u shud live with..

  3. hahhaa, raf....."my chinese blood was boiling intensely"
    ko rasa paling taiko suda tu kan...n ak nmpk mcm ko ada earing....mainan ka apa tu?

  4. ooppsss..diam2 ja yuq..igt org nda perasan...