Friday, April 9, 2010

Today and the day after~

Finally, finished my study in USM.. Just the exam to go.. 2 more papers then I'm gonna take off to some place.. random path.. whichever it leads me to..

The last couple of days have been really busy.. Assignments, mini project, test, thesis, technical report, slides presentation.. Luckily I was able to finish all of em'.. Means i'm one step closer to graduating.. The only thing that's left that bothers me now is to decide on the future.. I'm stuck between two, off to work or just continue with my study.. I though I've made up my mind.. But somehow this question arises AGAIN out of nowhere..

Others around me tells me different reasons why i should do this, and why i should do that instead.. Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions.. but the choice's mine to make.. I appreciate all your views.. But i'm not going to end up as one who would like to hear certain things from others just to make myself happier in deciding things.. I know deep inside me what i wanna do.. And maybe, just maybe, I would eventually feel a lot better if someone tell me things like "yeahh,u shud toally go for that".. But that makes me someone who doesn't have the courage to decide things on my own..

Anyway, within the next few days, I'll make the decision.. and this time it's finite!! DOT!!


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