Sunday, August 15, 2010

keeping it REAL!!

Yup..from my last post,lots of things i went through..
Firstly, I GRADUATED!!!!!hehe~ yup, couldn't believe it myself..dat few seconds where I enter the stage and my name was called upon to take the scroll..i keep playing dat moment in my head..i guess dat's my parent proudest moment of me..huhu~ Thx Mum n Dad, for making it possible for me..oyeahh, n thx to ALL PEOPLE i encounter all this time.. =) I'll upload pics in d future..
I met lots of my old colleagues..maybe all of them, but didn't have enough time to reminisce the old times or even to talk about their current life,what's gong on and all..hmm.. maybe we should have a reunion kan?? I even meet with my besties in USM, got to spend some time with them.. guess,won't be missing them for a while (crossing fingers)..LOL~~~
But,most important thing is dat I got to spend few days with my family.. they came all the way from Sabah for my graduation (n shopping)..hehe..although it's just a few days, it meant a lot..hehe..been so long since i met them (pdhal nda smpi setahun pun)... and btw, Thx for d "present" Dad!!!
also, got to meet up with my friend i think i never spoke 2 in person..haha..btul ba kn???LoL!!
getting close only from facebook i think..not really close, but ok la..bole la berkurapak sama2..
Anyway, then now m back to work again..lots of stuff to deal one week off means i got o
one week of idling work waiting for me to finish!!!huhuU~please get us some new engineers to help me out!!!huhuhuu...many have told me to return to KK and work there..aiihh..i wish i can..but now im just waiting for the right time..i wanted to, but i still have stuffs to think of.. neway, hopefully i'll get used to the working life here then i'll return back to KK peacefully..
ermm,dats all la for now..have to settle some stuff first then I can leave d office..hehe..gtg finish my work and then leave for the bazaar!!-out-


  1. congrates!!!
    bangganya kn?
    can't w8 nk graduate jgk~uhuhu

  2. dh graduate jd PUAN kn??haha~
    tHx neway!!x lama lg 2..sabar ja la..hehe~
    gud luck n all d best!! =)

  3. hahaha...ada juga ka yg rapat d FB jak??XD
    anyway glad that ko suda grad..*finger crossed*
    glad that i had the chance to know u...
    its been a short time...
    but its was really fun...
    hopefully it not halfway gone la...;p

  4. thnx~
    nnt kawen jemput ek~hehehe
    gud luck 2 u 2..
    jgn tension2 keja ya!

  5. azaz:kawen??wakakakaka~ko kawen dulu kot..LoL!!
    dh tension sgt dh ni kerja..wakaka~grad nnt jom join kompeni ni..bestt!!

    pink:rapat d fb jak..n ym..hehe..LoL!!!n dun u worry, it wont be halfway gone!! =)

  6. oooo...ya kah???
    mana yg bukan halfway gone??
    yg ko rapat d FB sama YM ka sy ni???
    hahahhaha...all da bez raeff...
    smile always..
    coz your smile is sweet...XD

  7. wakakaa..yg mana satu ko rasa???LoL!!!
    i will!!!nda pndai eh aku buat muka nda smile..wakakakakaka~u 2 jan ko buat2 muka kin panasss!!!ngeh3!!! :PPP

  8. consultant ka?
    design apa?
    company apa?

    hehe..byk plak..

  9. hahahha....
    nda taw oo raeff...
    sy buat kin panas??
    macam mana tuh???XD

  10. azaz:construction..cantilever s/b..hehe..
    pink: mcm mna ko rasa??hahaa~nda la,nda perna jgk sa nmpk muka ko yg kin panas.. :P