Wednesday, December 22, 2010

babbling mouth!!

yup..yup..i'm d one about to babble u guys who don't like to listen,please close ur windows tab now..hahaha~

been 6 and a half months since I last started wth my!!!i lasted here 6 months!!!more than i ever thought i would have..hahaa~

Everything seems ok, but getting busier nowadays..i think my white hair becoming more and more now..huhuhu~ have to dye it black some more.. :(

Since raya, i went back to KK 3 times already, n that includes raya.. went back just for a while during raya time..huhuhu~n went to Taiwan for the company trip..damn hard to find food that I can actually eat there..haha..ended up stuffing seafood into my stomach most of d time!!

Den, my 2nd trip back home is for an interview.. got a call from JKR for interview, but never put up any hope though..all d guys going for d interview have experience of more than 4 years at least..n my experience at dat time was a mere 4 months..hahaha~ goodbye JKR!!LoL~

Lastly, my final trip back was for some personal wasn't good..but it was also d best to me..ermm,confusing??im confused too..hahaha~in the end,i felt just happy.. :) thank God...
Though for my work, i still spend 6 full days working with day off on Sunday..ermm..and owh, did ever mentioned, my salary was deducted???wakakakakaka~i was transfer to another project, n salary is reduced..gooddddddd!!!!!!!!!!just what i expect!!!~sarcastic mode~ =.='

whatever it is, my contract is long i can leave anytime..but i owe the company big time, n love working here, with all the challenges and new stuff i get to learn..well,its normal to suffer in the frst place i guess..just need to move on with it and just prove my worth here.. if i worth any la..hahahah~

k la,enuff babble,time for bed..nyte eberibodi..thx for ur time reading dis bullsht!!!hahaa~


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