Sunday, February 20, 2011


Gud morning everyone.. I'm wishing you good morning while im sure most of you are still sleeping for me, im stuck with my own thought and cannot go to sleep~fufufufuuu~

It's been really long since a real post from me in my blog.. Guess im no longer attached to blogging (as if I ever did)..LoL~ Anyway, been really busy with work mostly..talking bout work, i've been working for about 8 months already now..yeah, hard to believe it huh??me too..hoho

To tell the truth, I have lots going on in life for the past months..really, it's hard to digest what's really happening around me now..everything comes into picture with not so clear display of what it really is..confusing??yup, it confused me as well..with all the problems happening in my personal life involving friendships, work related, personal- all of them happened at almost the same time.. Thank god Im not going through it myself..thanks Hunny for always being there 4 me..

Anyhow, I guess its better to let things flow by done trying..but doesnt mean i am letting go, just that let it be natural laaaa....sooner or later, hopefully things around me will get in KL have been quite an experience..well, most of my time here, I was alone..totally ALONE!!damn came across my mind many times already, of going back to my least i'd feel at home..but wen i think about it again, wud i be happy???ermm, dats one subjective question...many stuff to relate to..arrgghhh~~darn it!

Sooner or later, i'll return home to KK, but not at the moment i have to focus with what i have in's tough, but great!!whatever it is, if it wasnt for my special someone, I couldn't have take it all..thanks 2 u HunnY!!! :)

not in the mood to write anything else!!!!

im outta here!!


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