Thursday, May 26, 2011


Now I realized how foolish I can be..

If for an instant you know that by spending lots of time together, a guy and a girl can be together after quite some time, but you never really noticed..sigh~ should have seen it coming since it happened before, not only to anyone else, but to me as well..

Thinking that there would be nothing coming out of that "normal" relationship was just a thought to make you feel better, to avoid clash of opinions, to keep the trust you've built all along. Anyway, many might not agree, but can anyone justify my opinion is wrong? If yes, please do, I'd like to listen and read your thoughts as well.

Being thruthful is one thing, but to control your feeling towards other is another thing. Shit happens all the time, and sometimes you just have to accept it. Anyway, keep this to yourself, im not pin pointing anyone, just having this sense of disorder coming thru my UNPEACEFUL mind at the moment.

But yeah, I still like to hear from others what u need to say about it. Am i being negative?? Maybe.. But prove me wrong, just so that I can sit back and think again.



  1. napa ni boss?
    in a conflict? :)

  2. Napa ni raf.. slalu ja emo.. ok ka...?

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