Saturday, April 25, 2009

Exams review!!

Finally,diz semester exam are all over with..M done with all d designs, polar bear eyes n this whole shitty attendance thingy!!!!(well,juz for a while tho...huhuhh~)

Exams dis semester weren't as hard as i tot it would be..but it's still hard n i cudnt answer them..seems like my result will surely come crashing diz time around..things aren't going d way i wish they would be around me...with all d problems coming like a heavy rainfall(reminds me of hydrology~kahkah),and my own personality start to crumble n fail(again,reminds me of design~),i hope for nothing more than a peaceful lyfe ryte now..

No matter wat i wish for now, i know it wudnt come true!!hell no it practical is juz days away,what elese cud i expect???BUSYBUSYBUSYBUSYBUSY all d way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to my exams,my last paper is THE WORST!!!!!!!yeah, i mention it in my first blog,it woulsn't be as hard as the other papers..HELL YEAH it was!!!!!!with all d blanks to filled in n yet i left it blank as a new clean sheet of A4 paper~think it's d worst paper i have in a long time..(my worst wud be during SPM-biology paper)

Well,m looking forward to my holiday now..what's done is way i can turn back in time to change all that~juz hope all d exam results for diz semester will be stolen by some guys who had even much worse exams than i had..kakakakakaa~with dat,i can sit back n relax waiting for d new sem to come..............................but WAIT!!!if dat really happen,i wud have to repeat my semester ryte???NONONOOOOO!!!!!curse whoever thinking of doing such things!!!!!curse u man!!!!!!!!!

n so,the story goes on and conclusion,my exam's a nytemare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huhuhu~~~~~


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