Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogging in KK~ 1st time blogging in im back to the place where i truly feel ME!!!!It does't mean im not being myself if im elsewhere..juz dat i feel more comfortable being here..

Well,ive started my practical since last 1st day was a BLAST!!!!yerp,juz sitting there not knowing what to do was a real blast..ahahaah~I expect to be given a task i could handle,but i got something im not familiar with in the end.. n if im not mistaken,it was on my 2nd day of work that i finally able to meet up with my fellow besties here in KK!!!tHx Hannahhhhh for the cabonara n the cookies!!!love it!!!!~hopefull ure not reading diz coz nnt kembang semacam ja idung 2..kakakahahah~

Amy,hannah,yuq and yohan..not many of them left in kk but in no time more will jois us i guess!!!!been too busy lately and caught up in my practical that i hardly found free times to hang out with all of them...

Though i wanna write more here,m running out of time here..hehe~yeahh,m in CC!!!no more internet access at,no more on9ing 24-7!!!!guess,dats about it for now..will try to find some time to update my profile from time to time peopleeee~

p/s:Amy,mcm mana jgk ko bole jmpa ini tempat??????????ahaha~

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