Monday, September 14, 2009

Buka Puasa!!~


That's the day I'll be talking about here. The day me n my fellow USM Sabahan with the rest of the Sabahan from all the IPTs in West Malaysia have our "Majlis Berbuka Puasa" together.

This will most probably be my last gathering in the event organized by Yayasan Sabah since it's my final Year in USM. And i sure met a lot of people i knew from Matriculation College. Not forgetting to mention meeting my best friend there!! I've been going to this annual event since my second year here in USM. Though this is the first time that our university sent so many from our Engineering Campus. Credits to my Juniors who worked this out for all of us (Fauzi and Taki).

Among those I met there are Uping, Kip, Kero, Fendi, Girl, Su, Nurul and more of them whom I can't recall their name but I remember their faces. Oh, almost gorgot tomention my lil bro, Aman who was there as well with UPSI.. hehe~ And it's exciting that I met with my former primary school classmate, and this one here I can't even recall her face. Lucky enough she still remember me. Well, this is the main purpose I joined the programme in the first place. To meet all the Sabahan I can while I'm here.

Same as the years before, our Chief Minister of Sabah, Datuk Seri haji Musa bin Aman joined us again this time around. And his speech still delivers the same meaning as the years before, though this time with a different approach. LoL~ And his pantun never failed to entertained us, in a way not because it's a good pantun whatsoever, but it's better than listening to his speech about the development in Sabah and about the goods provided by the government.. For most of the attendance there, they've been listening to it every year, so we know what to expect from his speech...hehe~

If i'm going to talk bout the whole event, you readers must be bored to death, so, just look at these pictures!!! Picture tells a thousand stories, right??


And finally, my personal pic~


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