Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wrestling Addiction!!

I've been living in the wrestling world since I was a little boy. Seems like I still can't get rid of my wrestling addiction. Not that I feel like that's a problem though. Just look at the Americans enjoying them, a sold out arena each coming week!!!

I really cant figure out what's in their mind really. I'm really amazed with their entertainment point of view there. Every major sports having full house audience, I mean every sports except one..guess what??Ryte!!!Amazingly,it's SOCCER!!!

The most anticipated games in the world is the least interesting(maybe) sport to them. OMG, wish we have that kind of atmosphere here(I don't mean with the soccer thing), with the audience giving their all in supporting their favorite games and teams!! And I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, just giving out my point of view.

Back to the main topic, WWE!!! From the era of WWF, the rise and fall of the WCW, the confusing 6 sided ring of TNA Wrestling to the Japanese wrestling fed(cant recall it's name,Brock Lesnar's here though), I still cant get enough of all the acts and arts displayed by the wrestlers(aka actors & actresses).. Yup, I know it's all just an act, so what???!!!It's still great to watch!!!

I'm surrounded by people who told me to "grow up" for I am watching wrestling. People, take this into consideration,watching them wrestle means the same as appreciating what they're doing. It's still a sport and it's a well received sport worldwide with their own backbone to support them,the WWE Universe. So,for those who think they're grown up enough if they're not watching this,be it. I'm showing respect for the sport and if you're not down with it, i've got two words for you!!!!

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