Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Looking cool,once in a lifetime..ahah~

RM250 dinner with Rm1000++ suit~wel,sometimes,something's gotta give ryte??ahah~
After so long haven't been around my best buddies for 3 years, it feels really nice to be back around them..

N the dinner weren't too bad either,but not magnificent though~
Wish we could have done something to really make d night memorable..Neway,we did sumthing i'll never forget after the dinner tho..wearing the exact same outfit and went to McDonald. yerp,mcD!!!!

Feel like a VIP for once, seeing the cashier so afraid to take our order..ahaha~I feel like a total show off though with almost full house audience in Juru mcD at that time watching our every moves..ahaha~after finished our supper,we went back with at least sumthing to remember for a long2 time(i wish)...