Friday, August 28, 2009

Puasa Month

I juz completed my 8th day of puasa..Alhamdulillah~

During the past week, lots of things happened..good ones,bad ones...Eitherway, none of it that I will mention here..Anyway, life's kinda weird though.. When the road ahead seems to have brighten by a ray of hope, there's always junctions where you tend to be going in..I mean junctions where uncertainty presents.. Supprise, supprise....Not that it happened for the 1st time though..

When things in life seems to go out of hand, the past will always hunt you down and your aim seems to be fading away.. In fact,the whole course of things you planed will start to crumble..I've seen it,heard it and experienced,don't go talking and brag about how happy your life are at the moment..somewhere inside,something's within you will always wish for more where you least expected..believe it,not everything's perfect..even a billionaire would want to wish for more money and artists wish being just a normal person!!!

Now,now...what am i "kurapaking" bout here?ahah~

back to reality please?hehe..assignments keep on coming,finish it and another will come.. cycle of life is it??blablablablabla.....all that is a routine as a student ryte..rather than complaining about it,y don't i take the time posting this to do them ryte??yeaahhh, about the right things to do,will everyone listen??a definite NO!!!!if not,what's the use of the law and police then??

2day i had a very strange was about me being in KK with my besties,u know who u r..we went out for a movie in the afternoon..and all i ever remember was me going to one shop and another and finally end up with more than 5 plastic bags of far as i can recall,never did I went to the movie with so much to eat..and the 5 plastic bags were juz for me ALONE,not even for my frenz...OMG!!!!!am i that hungry??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!I woke up,and all i can remember is the scent of the food i bought(in my dream laa).... weirddooooO!!!!!!!!!

lesson of the story is,don't sleep too much during fasting's not good for your brain and your appetite!!!u'll wake up starving!!!

that's all for the time being..i'm outta here...


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  1. yeap, busy life... design r killing us, fyp not started!
    anyway, all da best for every 4th yr student, wahahah