Thursday, August 13, 2009

Merdeka Spirit!!~

Today: 13th August..

Just less than 3 weeks before Merdeka day~though to me,as a Sabahan, the real Merdeka day is on the 16th of September,which is the Malaysia Day!!! (hopefully they will make it a public holiday as well in the future..)

31st of August is drawing near, but still I see no sign of a spiritual Malaysian hanging flags or posters anywhere...blame this on the current political scenarios, blame it on the spreading of H1N1, blame it to the chaos in the parliament- blame all you want, but shouldn't we as a Malaysian be blaming ourselves instead?? (myself included)

We're drawing near to 52 years of independancy, but the spirits seems to be fading as the years passes by..have you ever asked whyyyy????? Do we have to wait every decade to make it big as it was during our 50th Anniversary????

During our country disastrous period under the rules of the communist, everyday counts..but now, even a year count of independancy doesn't seem to impress the younger generation anymore.. Maybe those who actually experienced the time period under the communists are the only ones who really appreciate the word Merdeka..

To me, the dark history of our nation cannot be erased from our history book.. As a future generation to lead this country, we should set up our spirit as high as possible to appreciate our ancestors who had put their all in fighting for our independance. Let's just engaged ourself in the Merdeka spirit and aim for a better future for our beloved Malaysia~

Variety of races,
Variety of beliefs,
Variety of thoughts,
Variety of colours.......
No matter what's the different,we are ONE MALAYSIA!!!!!!


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