Saturday, July 18, 2009

After a while!~


where was i in my previous post???
o yeahh,we came back from Kundasang..dats d end of the next part!!!


When i write birthdays,dat means it 's not only me...1st off,it's amy's!!!!aahah~
-suprise plan
-we supposed to hang out together with d soon to b bday girl.But we told her we're all unavailable at dat timee..
-and b4 midnyte......Jeng3x!!!!!!!!!!!with d help of a great act from Hannah...yeahhhhh~
-amy mandi telur and tepung laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...heheeee
-we had a great time together!!all of us~!!!!

2nd,it's Yohan's..
-we din make a plan d entire day..
-met him in cathay cinema wit Khairul Azrin..hmmm???
-they went there to watch Transformerss..too bad,we're really busy dat day,so cudnt hang out as usual!!

-went out wit my family d entire day!!
-hanging out wit d guys n watch movie??was it??
-d next day,hang out wit my USM Sabahan frenzz!!!!yo,adrian,pink!!!!thx a lot guys for the nyte,d cake n d karaoke session!!!!!really meant a lot!!!!
-after a few days,we went to Hannah's lepak2 as usual...tHen,went to d beach to meet up wit bel them..den,d bad news came!!!!!!TEPUNG!!!!!!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
-we started throwing flours all over the place!!!me n yohan was d first of coz as to celebra8 our belated bday!!
-n too bad for them,im not juz going to let them get away wit it...ahaha..n all of us were covered in flours in d end..hehe~tHx Hunnah 4 d cake!!n all of u guys: Syed,yo,sue n bel(amy,yuq n sof unavailable~)

Well!!!guess dats all i wanna post..m kinda lazy to update my blog so m not going to write much~
piczz will be post l8er......c ya!!


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