Sunday, July 5, 2009

more updates from mua~

it's 11.o6pm~

last nyte was one hell of a's a blast really..neway,let's start from way before that ryte??

as i said before,i was doing my practical here in kk ryte??now,it's all over and done with..yeahhhh~dats d good part(tho m a bit sad about dat)..d not so good news s dat i have to return to Penang A.S.A.P!!!!!!however,like usual,my ticket back is 1 week afterr..ehehee~don't get me wrong,i did dat to save my budget ok..i can save up to RM150 by doing so!!!!!


-nice bunch of people
-time constraint
-site visit
-Holy Prison???ahah~
-warm surrounding
-soft skills
-notes & library

ahahaa~all of these things stateord here are very much related to me in my 10 weeks period with d company..guess not many would understand what that means but they really are meaningful to me!!!so much!!!!!

so long these past ten weeks,i won't forget my time there!!!!

2nd~road trips!!!

yerp,we have one...we went to Kundasang by car..all six of us..actually,there supposed to be more of us,but some cudnt join....sad~

mE,syed,yo,yuq,hannah,'s a sudden plan and lucki;y we were able to actually make it happened..ahaha..dat's a lesson 4 us,NEVER plan things in advance,plan it at d eleventh hour!!!!

i make my move from my crib at 7am...n guess wat time we actually make our move to Kundasang???10.30am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahh,luckily for my i've got company..but this one person waited for full 3 hours at his house alone!!!!huhu~feel sory for i??HHAHAHAAHA~LEK BA KO YO...HEHE

Yuqi d last to confirmed she'll join us..Hannah's not feelig too well dat particular morning,n i know d reason y..ahahah~amy juz got bak from Sandakan d same day at 2am,n still able to join us..tHx ameyyy!!!!syed's been yearing to make this trip,same with me..yo actually followed ater we force him 2..ahaha~dats how we gathered evry1..

ok..dun hv to tell evrything..juz sum gud ones:
-yohan minum air cuci sudu..ahaha
-yuq bw pg ruma nenek dia(tapau mknn free as well)
-we ate ice cream time sejuk2
-syed tidur almost all the way up to Kundasang
-d 3 girls nda abis buat bising!!!ahaha~dats wat i luv bout them
-camwhoring all d time!!!

then,after all dat,we went back to kk with yuq driving this time...had some lokan bakar then meet up with sue in tanjung aru usual,sit there n talk about the past,present n future...serious things,stupid things,not so good things...yeah,we talked almost bout everything!!!!ahahah~dats us!! =)

~to be continue..............

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